Welcome to Buildbots Robotics Academy!

Come to explore the magic of Robotics, and apply your knowledge to design, build and program robots that can solve the most amazing challenges.

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Our methodology

Kids love to experiment, build and create. Our after-school program and summer camps allows them to explore multiple creations while learning very complex ideas in robotics and programming.


How do we do it?

Robotics in today’s world is such a challenge and so much fun to learn that kids don’t feel that they are working hard to learn in the traditional sense.

Our program combines creativity, design, logic, teamwork, sociability and problem solving skills, main building blocks for an exciting future in tomorrow's high-tech world. We provide a step-by-step progression from beginner to advanced level, accommodating individual abilities.

With the aid of LEGO® Mindstorms® robotics platform with sensors, motors, and more your child can create robots limited only by their imagination.